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Engineering Colleges in Jaipur

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The engineering colleges in Jaipur mainly offer expertise in following fields:

Mechanical Engineering, Architectural Engineering , Civil Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, Meteorological Engineering, Mining Engineering, Production and Instrumentation Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Textile Engineering.

List of Engineering Colleges in Jaipur

We are listing here some of the most popular engineering colleges of Jaipur.

Apex Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur

ISI - 5 RIICO Institutional Area, Goner Road, Sitapura, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India.

Tel: 141-2771806 Fax: 141-2741786

Email : info@apexedu.org Website : www.apexedu.org

Baldev Ram Mirdha Institute Of Technology (BITS), Jaipur

Pilani ITS-3, IT Park, EPIP, Sitapura, Jaipur-302022

Tel:0141-2770799, Fax:0141-2770763

Email: inquiry@bmitjaipur.org Website: www.bmitjaipur.org

Birla Institute of Technology BIT, Jaipur

(Deemed University)

BIT Extension Center, BISR Campus, 27, Malviya Industrial Area, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302017

Tel: 01412751567 / 2751178 / 2751374, Fax: 01412751601

Website: www.bitmesra.ac.in

Compucom Institute Of Information Technology & Management, Jaipur

SP-5, EPIP, Sitapura RIICO Industrial Area, Jaipur - 302 022 (Rajasthan), India

Tel : 141 - 5115908, 5115901, 2770131, 5113588

Email : adm@ciitm.org Website: www.ciitm.org

Global Institute Of Technology, Jaipur

ITS-1, IT Park, EPIP, Sitapura, Jaipur-302022

Tel: 0141-2770445, 2770581, Fax : 2770584

Email: director@gitjaipur.com Website : www.gitjaipur.com

Gyan Vihar School of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur

Gyan Vihar Universe,Mahal Jagatpura, Jaipur (Raj.) INDIA.

Tel: 141-2758253-56, Mobile:9413345444 , 9413341196, TeleFax: 141-2758254-55

E-mail: admn@gyanvihar.org Website: www.gyanvihar.org

Jagannath Gupta Institute of Engineering And Technology, Jaipur

IP-2, Phase IV, Sitapura Institutional Area, Jaipur 303 905, Rajasthan

Tel: 5101716, 2771615, 2771516 Fax: 2771618

Email: jp@jimsindia.org

Jaipur Engineering College, Jaipur

SP-43, RIICO, Industrial Area, Kukas, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Tel: 1426-247345, 247350, 247346, Fax: 1426-47352

Email: jeckukas@yahoo.com, info@jeckukas.org

Jaipur Engineering College & Research Centre, Jaipur

Sri Ram Ki Nangal Via Vatika - 303905 Tonk Road, Jaipur Rajasthan (India)

Tel: 141-2770232, 2770114,2770120, Fax: 141-2770803

E-Mail: info@jecrcmail.com Website: www.jecrc.net

Jyoti Vidyapeeth Women's University, Jaipur

University Corporate Office:

Jaipur 235, Hanuman Nagar Ext., Bajrang Marg, Janak Marg, Sirsi Road, Jaipur, Rajasthan

Phone:-0141-2351820, 2352909

E-mail:- admission@jvwomnesuniv.com , info@jvwomensuniv.com Website:- www.jvwomensuniv.com

Kautilya Institute Of Technology & Engineering & School of Management (KITE-SOM), Jaipur

ISI - 16, RIICO Institutional Complex, Kautilya Circle Sitapura, Jaipur - 302022

Tel : 141-2770199, 2770364, 2274351

E-mail : info@kautilya.net Website : www.kautilya.net

The LNM Institute of Information Technology, Jaipur

(Deemed University)

Rupa ki Nangal, Post Sumel, Via Kanota, Jaipur-303 012, (Rajasthan) India.

Tel: 0141-5189211/12/ 2270717, Fax: 0141-5189214

Email: info@lnmiit.org.in Website: www.lnmiit.org.in ; www.lnmiit.ac.in

Maharishi Arvind Institute of Engineering & Technology, Jaipur

Sector 7, Madyam Marg, Mansarovar, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302020

Tel : 141-2784311, 5178700, Fax : 141-2784354

Email : info@maietjaipur.com Website: www.maietjaipur.com

Malviya National Institute Of Technology, Jaipur

(Deemed University)

JLN Marg, Jaipur

Tel: 141-2529078, Fax: 141-2529029

Email: doa@mnit.ac.in , directori@mnit.ac.in Website : www.mnit.ac.in

Malviya Regional Engineering College, Jaipur

School of Management Studies, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302017

Tel: 141-2702954, Fax: 91-141-2702954

E-mail : sea@arya.recjai.ernet.in Website: www.recjai.nic.in

Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur

ISI-6, RIICO Institutional Area, Goner Road, Sitapura, Jaipur-302 022 (Rajasthan)

Tel/Fax: 0141-2770790, 92, 2771038

E-mail: info@poornima.org , admission@poornima.org Website: www.poornima.org

Regional College for Education, Research & Technology, Jaipur

ISI-17 Sitapura Education Area, Sitapura, Jaipur

Tel: 0141-2770460,3092435

Email : rcertjaipur@yahoo.com

Shankara Inst. of Technology, Jaipur

SP-44, RIICO Industrial Area, Delhi Road, Kukas, Jaipur, Rajasthan - 303101

Tel: 1426-247422 / 33 / 44, Fax: 1426-247335

Email: info@shankaratechnology.org , Website: www.shankaratechnology.org

Seedling Academy Of Design, Technology & Management, Jaipur

Khore Bariyan, Jagtpura, Jaipur.

Tel: 2754399 , 2753377.

Email : ceo.director@seedlingacademy.com ,Website : www.seedlingeducation.com

Sri Balaji College of Enginnering And Technology, Jaipur

Benad Road (Macheda), Jaipur 302 013

Tel: 0141-2333820, 2261486, Fax:0141-2261656;

E-mail: admin@sbcet.com

Stani Memorial College of Engineering and Technology, Jaipur

Phagi, NH - 12, District Jaipur

Tel : 01430 - 224040, 224200

Swami Keshavanand Institute of Technology and Management & Gramothaan, Jaipur

Ramnagria (Jagatpura) Jaipur, Rajasthan - 302025

Tel: 0141-2752165, 67 & 259609, Fax: 0141-2759555, 9829010220

Email: info@skitjaipur.com

Yagyavalkya Institute of Technology, Jaipur

YIT Lane, IP-1, Phase IV, RICO Industrial Area, Opp. Chokhi Dhani Sitapura, Jaipur-302022

Tel : 2770593/94/97, 5136180, Fax : 0141-2770106

Email: info@yitjpr.com , Website : www.yitjpr.com

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