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Holi Festival Jaipur

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tourists enjoying holika dahan (left) and playing colors (right) during jaipur tour

Significance of Holi Festival

Holi Festival (Festival of Colors) is celebrated in spring season throughout India on purnima (full moon) tithi of Phalgun month according to hinu calendar (March month according to western calendar). It is also known as Basant-Utsav, the Spring Festival.  The Demon King Hiranyakashipu had enmity with Lord Vishnu, but his son Prahlad was staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu. So Hiranyakashipu tried to stop his son Prahlad worshipping Vishnu. When Hiranyakashipu failed to stop him, he tried many times to kill his own son Prahlad.  One day he made a plan with his sister Holika to carry Prahlad in fire. Holika had a divine cloth which cannot be burnt in fire. Holika covered herself with this cloth and carried Prahlad in fire. By the grace of Lord Vishnu the divine cloth moved from demon Holika to Devotee Prahlad.  Demon Holika burnt but Prahlad came out safe from fire. Citizens became very happy to see this miracle and victory of good over evil. Next day they celebrated this by throwing various colors on each other to express their love to God.

Rituals and Celebrations related to Holi Festival in Jaipur

On Phalgun Shukla Paksha Chaturdashi a bonfire is set at a public place at evening time and is lit at night as per "Muhurat" in remembrance of miraculous escape of Bhakta Prahlad from fire and burning demon Holika in that fire. It is known as Holika Dahan or Chhoti Holi.

Next day, on Phalgun Shukla Paksha Purnima, people celebrate this victory by throwing  scented colors, scented water on each other. People prepare special kind of sweets and foods. A special drink known as Thandai is prepared by Almonds, seeds of melon (magaj), black pepper, kesar (saffron), mingi (seeds of musk melon) and milk. Dal Bati Churma is prepared as special food.

At evening or next day or any suitable day within month people arrange social gathering to greet each other. This social gathering is known as Holi Milan, where songs and folk songs related to festival, and epic love stories of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha are sung.

Holi Photo Gallery

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Holi Festival Videos

Holi Festival Video


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