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Genealogy of Jaipur Rulers

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Genealogy of Jaipur Rulers

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As per the records displayed in "Jai Garh Fort Museum", the Kachawa rulers are the descendants of "Kush"- the second son of "Lord Shri Ram".  Following chart is showing the names and the reign period of the Kachawa Rulers of Amber and Jaipur:-

brigadier bhawani singh - last crowned Kachawa descendant of pink city jaipur


Brigadier Bhawani Singh*1

Sawai Man Singh 2, Ruler of Jaipur Amber


Sawai Man Singh II

Reign Period 1922-1969*

Sawai Madho Singh 2, Ruler of Jaipur Amber


Sawai Madho Singh II

Reign Period 1880-1922

Sawai Ram Singh 2, Ruler of Jaipur Amber


Sawai Ram Singh II

Reign Period 1835-1879

Sawai Jai Singh 3, Ruler of Jaipur Amber


Sawai Jai Singh III

Reign Period 1819-1835

Sawai Jagat Singh, Ruler of Jaipur Amber


Sawai Jagat Singh

Reign Period 1803-1818

Sawai Pratap Singh, Ruler of Jaipur Amber


Sawai Pratap Singh

Reign Period 1778-1803

Sawai Prithvi Singh, Ruler of Jaipur Amber


Sawai Prithvi Singh

Reign Period 1768-1778

Sawai Madho Singh, Ruler of Jaipur Amber


Sawai Madho Singh

Reign Period 1751-1768

Sawai Ishwari Singh, Ruler of Jaipur Amber


Sawai Ishwari Singh

Reign Period 1743-1750

Sawai Jai Singh 2 - Founder of Pink City Jaipur


Sawai Jai Singh II

Reign Period 1700-1743

Bishan Singh, Ruler of Jaipur Amber


Bishan Singh

Regin Period 1689-1700

Ram Singh 1st |  Ruler of Jaipur Amber


Ram Singh I

Reign Period 1667-1689

Jai Singh 1st |  Ruler of Jaipur Amber


 Jai Singh I

Reign Period 1622-1667

Bhao Singh |  Ruler of Jaipur Amber


Bhao Singh

Reign Period 1614-1621

Man Singh 1st was the Ruler of Jaipur Amber


Man Singh I

Reign Period 1590-1614


Bhagwant Das

Reign Period 1574-1589


Bhar Mal

Reign Period 1548-1573


Aas karan

Reign Period 1548


Ratan Singh

Reign Period: 1537-1548




Reign Period:

Reign Period  1534-1537



Puran Mal

 Reign Period 1527-1534


Prithvi Raj

Reign Period 1503-1527


Chandra Sen

Reign Period 1467-1502


Uddra Ram

Reign Period 1439-1467



Reign Period1428-1439


Naharsingh dev

Reign Period 1388-1427


Udai Karan

Reign Period 1366-1388


Joonsi Dev

Reign Period 1317-1365


Kuntal Dev

Reign Period 1276-1317



 Khelan Dev

Reign Period 1216-1275


Raj Dev

Reign Period 1179-1216


Beejal Dev

Reign Period 1146-1178


Melaisi Dev

Reign Period 1094-1146


Pajwan Dev

Reign Period 1070-1094


Janad Dev

Reign Period 1053-1070


Hanu Dev

Reign Period  1039-1053


Kankal Dev

Reign Period 1036-1038


Dulha Rai

Reign Period 1006-1036


Sodh Dev

Reign Period 966-1006



*India became independent and democratic country in 1947 and own constitution enforced from 1950, so  in actual, Sawai Man Singh II ruled till that only.

*1.  People of Jaipur give him respect like His-Highness, but because of democracy in India in 1947, he never crowned.  He had a career in the army and is now an hotelier.

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