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Jaipur Photos: Jaipur Ramlila Photo

About Jaipur, Jaipur Photo, Download Free Travel Photo and Wallpaper

Jaipur Photos : Download Free Photo | Jaipur Ramlila Photo

Jaipur Photos : Download Free Photo | Jaipur Ramlila Photo

Jaipur Photos : Jaipur Ramlila Photo

Jaipur is known as the festival city. Every festival is celebrated in Jaipur with lot of enthusiasm and craze. Enactment of Ramlila and celebration of Dussehra festival are the examples of the festivity of Jaipur.

Ramlila is the re-enactment of the life of Lord Ram. It is a folk dramatic tradition. Ramlila staged for nine days of Sharad Navratri and then Dussehra festival is celebrated every year. In the nine days of folk play of Ramlila, the story of the life of Lord Ram scripted in Holy epic Ramayana is staged. Interestingly, in this modern era, still all the characters of females also played by male artists in Ramlila as it was playing in old time.

In this Jaipur Photo, you can see Goddess Sita (first from right),  Lord Ram (second from right), Laxman (third from right) and Hanuman (fourth from right) in a scene of Ramlila at Jaipur.

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Jaipur Photo, Download free travel photo and wallpaper

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