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Jaipur is world famous city of India for heritage, arts, crafts, forts, monuments, architecture, designs and colorful festivals. You can explore vivid shades of Jaipur through this Jaipur Photos Gallery. Jaipur also known as Pink City because all the buildings painted pink. Jaipur is one vertex of Golden triangle of Indian tourism. Jantar Mantar - an observatory of Jaipur is already in UNESCO's World Heritage List. Amber fort is also going to enlist in UNESCO's World Heritage List. In addition to this, Jaipur city is going to enlist in UNESCO's Creative Cities Network by year 2012. Obviously there is a big spectrum of vivid shades of tourism, lifestyle, food, folk music, heritage monuments and forts, handicraft items, i.e. lacquer work, puppet, quilts, blue pottery, hand made shoes, camel lather work, stone art, marble art etc. Jaipur Photo Gallery is an effort of jaipurthepinkcity.com to bring out those vivid shades of Jaipur for you. Jaipur Photo Gallery is also an effort to unveil various colors of Jaipur which you will not find generally in travelogues and Jaipur guide books. Click here to read about Jaipur in detail. Join us at Facebook for updates.

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