Jaipur the Pink City

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Jaipur Photos: Colors of Culture

About Jaipur, Jaipur Photo, Download Free Travel Photo and Wallpaper

About Jaipur : Culture Photo | Jaipur Travel Photo

About Jaipur : Colors of Culture | Jaipur Travel Photo

Jaipur Photos : Colors of Culture

About Jaipur:

Jaipur is known as the festival city. Many festivals and fairs organize in Jaipur round the year. In this photo, you can see three impressionists (behrupiya) performing in a festival. Behrupiya or the art of impressionism was very popular in India in medival era. That time, the artists were got good money. Now in modern era, as there are many ways available for entertainment, the art form of impressionism is in decline and the artists are living in poverty.

This is our effort to conserve and promote the declining art worldwide so that the folk art should keep alive.

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Jaipur Photo, Download free travel photo and wallpaper

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