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Jaipur Photos: Handicraft

About Jaipur, Jaipur Photo, Download Free Travel Photo and Wallpaper

About Jaipur : Handicraft Photo | Jaipur Travel Photo

About Jaipur : Handicraft Photo | Jaipur Travel Photo

Jaipur Photos : Handicraft Fair

About Jaipur: Jaipur is an admirer and patron of art and craft. Many handicraft fairs organize in Jaipur round the year in which art and craft of various parts of India exhibit. In this photo, you can see a beautiful handmade lamp shade of Shillong which is made of cane and bamboo.

Shillong is rich in the varied kinds of bamboo. Cane and bamboo craft occupies an important place in the economy of Shillong. The products of bamboo and cane are mostly of two types, i.e. articles required for day to day use and of medium quality, more suited to local requirements; and the articles of finer quality, both decorative and functional, to meet the requirements and tastes of more sophisticated markets. Hand made lamp shade of cane and bamboo in this photo is a good example of the decorative handicraft article.

This is our effort to conserve and promote the handicraft and art worldwide so that the folk art should keep alive.

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About Jaipur, Jaipur Photo, Download free travel photo and wallpaper

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