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France Activities (What to do in France) : Plan Your Holidays, Book Flights, Hotels, Shop Online in France

France Travel Destinations, Paris, Lyon, Cannes, Avignon, Nice, Cannes, Dijon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nimes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Saint Tropez, Skiing, Sledding, Ice Skating, Eiffle Tower, Cycling, Surfing, Tennis, Golf playing.

Are you planning to visit France? And want to know what to do in France?

If yes, then you are at right place. Below is the list of France activities. You can select activities of your choice which you want to enjoy for better travel experience.

In France, popular places to visit are :

Boating, France Travel, What to do in France

Boating :

Boating in France is a very rich travel experience. Travel France by River is a unique experience. You can hire a motor boat and roam along river bank, and see various things on the bank of river i.e. castles, monuments, forests, valleys, vineyards, villages, sunflower fields etc.

Canoeing, France Travel, What to do in France

Canoeing :

Canoe is a small boat which is pointed at both ends and they are very narrow. You can enjoy riding on currents of turbulent water of French Rives with canoeing. Also, there are calm water places for family canoeing and canoeing for beginners.

Horse Riding, France Travel, What to do in France

Horse Riding :

You can enjoy Horse riding in France in a different way. You can choose to ride in mountains, valley, vineyards, fields, forests. In other words you can see France on the back of Horse.


Ice Climbing, France Travel, What to do in France

Ice Climbing :

If you are planning to visit France in winter, then you can enjoy this adventurous winter sports "Ice Climbing". You can climb Alpine Glaciers, but as a beginner you need to know some techniques of rock climbing. Ice Climbing is an everlasting memory of France Tour for you and your family.

Kayaking, France Travel, What to do in France

Kayaking :

Kayaking will be a great water sports and adventure for you. Kayak is a boat like Canoe boat but it has closed cockpit. You can ride on currents of turbulent water or swim peacefully on calm water.

Mountaineering, France Travel, What to do in France

Mountaineering :

With Mountaineering you can have many unique experiences. You can surf the mountains and many kind of wild plants and flowers, you can feel different kinds of winds, you can feel the snow and various kinds of smells. You can do Rock Climbing, Trekking and Hiking in mountains of France.

Skiing, France Travel, What to do in France


There are many Ski Resorts in France. In winter season you can enjoy skiing in France. Sliding on Snow will be a very delightful, adventurous and memorable event for you.

White Water Rafting, France Travel, What to do in France

White Water Rafting :

You can enjoy rafting even if you are a beginner. The raft is a special kind of inflatable boat. Generally 3 to 6 people can sit in a raft. Rafting will be an adventure for you as well as it explores beautiful hidden valleys, sceneries etc.

Wine, France Travel, What to do in France

Wine :

As because France is expert of wine, your tour may be incomplete without tasting French Wine. You can stroll around the vineyards developed on hillside. You can see and gain the information how wine is made. And you can taste it.

French Cuisine, France Travel, What to do in France

French Cuisine :

Any Tour is incmplete if you don't experience cuisine of your tourist destination. French cuisine is famous all over the world. You have the opportunity to know how French dishes are made and of course the opportunity to taste them. When you learn about French food, you will also learn about French culture at the same time.

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