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What to see in France : Plan Your Holidays, Book Flights, Hotels, Shop Online in France

France Travel Destinations, Paris, Lyon, Cannes, Avignon, Nice, Cannes, Dijon, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nimes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Saint Tropez, Skiing, Sledding, Ice Skating, Eiffle Tower, Cycling, Surfing, Tennis, Golf playing.

France has 37 Unesco's World Heritage Sites to see. France culture is also listed in World Heritage. The architecture, buildings, forts, palaces, valley, museum, monument, temples, old theatres, beaches, vineyards, aquarium are the main attractions of France.

In France, popular places to visit are :

About France - World Famous Eiffel Tower of France

Eiffel Tower :

Eiffel Tower is world's tallest iron structure situated in Paris city of France. Eiffel Tower is listed in Unesco's World Heritage Sites. Gustave Eiffel was the contractor, engineer and architect of Eiffel Tower. Eiffel Tower was built in year 1889. The Eiffel tower is 320 meters high and weights 7000 tons. It has 1710 steps. From the top of the Eiffel tower you can see approx. 58-59 km. area. Nowadays, Eiffel Tower is used as a radio broadcasting tower and observation tower. Eiffel Tower has 108 stories with 1665 stairs.

Musee du Louvre :

Musee du Louvre is one of the largest museum in the world. Musee du Louvre is situated in Paris city of France. The Royal Palace of the Louvre was converted into museum. It was opened for public in year 1793. It has more than 2900 drawings, more than 475 books and more than 39500 engravings.

Cathedrale de Chartres :

Cathedrale de Chartres is a Unesco World Heritage Site located in Chartres, France. Construction of Chartres Cathedrale was started in year 1145. Therefore it is a very good example of 12-13th century architecture. It's 12th and 13th century stained glasses, sculptures and architecture are main point of attractions.


Mont Saint Michel :

Mont Saint Michel is Unesco's World Heritage Site located at Le Mont Saint-Michel. Mont Saint Michel is a Benedictine abbey which is dedicated to the archangel St Michael. It also includes the village which grown up under it. Mont Saint Michel was built around 11th to 16th century. It is constructed on a rocky area between a bay. It is also known as "Wonder of the West".

Versailles Palace and Park :

Versavilles Palace and Park is Unesco's World Heritage Site located at Versailles, France. Versailles Palace was the residence of royal family of France. From Louis XIV to Louis XVI, it was the primary residence of royal families. Versailles Palace has famous Hall of Mirrors. It is situated at only half an hour distance from Paris. It has beautiful gardens in French style.

The Loire Valley :

The Loire Valley is Unesco's World Heritage Site locate at Department of Maine-et-Loire. Loire is the name of River. Loire Vally is full of beautiful natural landscapes, river, historical towns and villages. It also has great architectural monuments. Loire Valley is one of the magnetic tourist spot.

Pont du Gard :

Pont du Gard is Unesco's World Heritage Site located at Languedoc-Roussillon, France. Pont du Gard is a bridge built approximately 2000 years back over Gard River. It is the longest in measurement i.e. 275 m. It is 50 meter high. Also it has three levels. It is constructed without the use of mortar.

Aquarium La Rochelle :

Aquraium La Rochelle is located at La Rochelle, France. La Rochelle aquarium is constructed in ocean. It has two floors. It's an amzing experience to see underwater world so closely. You can see many kind of underwater species including Jellyfish, Sharks, Turtules, Corals etc.

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