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USA Travel Destinations, Las Vegas, Florida, Manhattan, New York, Chicago, Alaska, California, Hawaii, Niagara Falls, Grand Canyon, White House, Denali National Park, Kilauea Volcano, Golden Gate Bridge, Yellowstone National Park, Statue of Liberty.

About USA - World Famous Statue of Liberty in USAUSA is North American country. Full name of USA is United States of America. Land area of USA is 9,631,418 sq km. USA is world's third largest country by size after Russia and Canada. USA is one of the most developed countries of the world. Population of USA is approx. 313,539,000 (year 2012). Official language of USA is English language. Capital of USA is Washington D.C. Largest city of USA is New York. Most practiced Religion of USA is Christian religion. In USA there is a freedom of religion and freedom of thought.

USA is ranked as Second top tourist destination in world. More than 59 million tourists visit USA every year. In USA lakes, Islands, vineyards, mountains, deserts, coast, beaches, forests, national parks etc. all tourist attractions are available. USA is situated at the coast of Pacific ocean, which serve a best tourist destination.


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