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What to see in USA : Plan Your Holidays, Book Flights, Hotels, Shop Online in USA

USA Travel Destinations, Las Vegas, Florida, Manhattan, New York, Chicago, Alasca, California, Hawaii, Niagra Falls, Grand Canyon, White House, Denali National Park, Kilauea Volcano, Golden Gate Bridge, Yellowstone National Park, Statue of Liberty.

USA has 37 Unesco's World Heritage Sites to see. USA culture is also listed in World Heritage. The architecture, buildings, forts, palaces, valley, museum, monument, temples, old theatres, beaches, vineyards, aquarium are the main attractions of USA.

In USA, popular places to visit are :

Statue of Liberty - USA attracions

Statue of Liberty :

Statue of Liberty is located on Liberty Island in New York Harbor. Statue of Liberty was built in year 1886. France people gave Statue of Liberty as a gift to the people of USA. The torch is made of Copper covered in 24k Gold. Many 1000 watt bulbs lit the torch at night. You can go inside the Statue of Liberty and can reach inside up to the 25 windows in head of statue. From there you can see outside through glasses. 7 Rays on the crown of Statue of Liberty represents 7 continents of earth and 7 seas.

golden gate bridge usa, usa travel, what to see in usa, usa attractions

Golden Gate Bridge :

Golden Gate Bridge is located in San Francisco. After Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate bridge is the recognized symbol of USA. Golden Gate Bridge connects San Francisco to Marin Country. The length of Golden Gate Bridge is 8981 feet (2737 m). Golden Gate Bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. Golden Gate Bridge was built in year 1937.

Niagara Falls :

Niagara Falls is located in Ontaro, Canada, New York. Niagara Falls are highest flow rate waterfall in the whole world. Niagara falls are located on Niagara River. The height of Niagara fall is approx. 170 feet. Niagara falls serves as a tourist attraction as well as hydroelectric power station. The flow of water in Niagara Falls is reduced to half at night and in winter season (because winter is low tourist season) with the help of gates. So if you are planning your USA tour and want to enjoy full beauty of Niagara Falls, then visit Niagara Falls in Summer and in day time.


grand canyon USA, USA travel, what to see in USA

Grand Canyon :

The Grand Canyon is approximately 274 miles long, 18 miles wide and 600 feet deep. The Grand Canyon is located in Arizona state of USA. The river Colorado creted the Grand Canyon. If you are planning to visit The Grand Canyon of USA then you must remember that there is a wide temperature difference throughout the year in Grand Canyon. In summer the temperature is approx. 37 degree Celcius (100 degree F) whereas in winter it is below -17.8 degree Celcius (below 0 degree F). So, plan your USA tour accordingly.

denali national park, what to see in USA, USA Travel

Denali National Park :

Denali National Park is located in Alaska. Denali means "the high". Mount McKinley is the highest mountain in North America, and the Denali National Park is located on Mount McKinley mountain. You can enjoy mountaineering, wildlife viewing, skiing, dog sledding. Remember you can enjoy skiing, dog sledding and other snow sports in winter season only. So plan accordingly.

Kilauea Volcano USA, What to see in USA, USA Travel

Kilauea Volcano :

Kilauea volcano is one of the most active volcano on earth. Kilauea volcano is located in Hawaii Islands. It is also the most dangerous volcano in USA. Kilauea volcano is estimated as 600, 000 years old volcano.

Yellowstone National Park USA, What to see in USA, USA Travel

Yellowstone National Park :

Yellowstone National Park is located in United States of Wyoming, USA. It is the first National Park of the world. You can enjoy seeing many animal species, including mammals, fishes, birds etc. You can also enjoy hiking, fishing, boating etc. in Yellowstone National Park. There are lakes, canyons, rivers, mountains in Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone is the name of river and the park is located on it's head. That's why it is known as Yellowstone River.

Times Square USA, What to see in USA, USA Travel

Times Square :

Times Square is located in New York. It has many Broadway theatres, restaurants, cinema halls, music and other shopping stores and many more entertainment things. Times Square is the most visited tourist attractions in USA.

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